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Energy Logs or Journals or Portfolio Entries

We recommend having students keep an energy log. Logs are a good way to compile information and reflections on the topic of study. Logs promote student thinking about and analysis of their learning. Logs may be used for sharing with others, planning next steps, and evaluation of student understanding and progress. Use of guiding questions can promote student metacognition and communication.

Log Reflection Questions

Possible questions to promote metacognition (thinking about thinking) and self-assessment:

What have I learned?
What do I want to know more about?
What went particularly well?
What was the best part and why?
What was the most frustrating?
What changes could I make to help things go better next time?
What was the problem?
How did I go about solving the problem? What resources did I use?
What were other solutions to the problem?
Choose a solution different from your own. Do you agree or disagree with that solution and why?
How did I feel about the activity?
What went well?
What was frustrating?
What will I do next?
What do I want to learn more about?
Why did I do this?
Why is that important?
What evidence do I have?
What are the implications of this learning?
What other applications might I make of this learning?
What further questions does this raise or generate?

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