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Judy Meredith updated the APS Power PosseTM Program in order to align the lessons to the current Arizona State Standards and to develop additional lessons and resources. Judy is the K-8 Science, K-5 Social Studies Curriculum Specialist for the Peoria Unified School District. She has taught grades two through eight over the years. She has worked as a Technology Specialist helping teachers integrate the use of technology into content area lessons. Judy has also served as an Instructional Specialist before taking on the Science and Social Studies Curriculum. Judy has consulted and presented at the APS Teacherís Energy Workshop since 1997. Judy holds a Bachelor of Science in Resource Management and Education, and a Masters in Administration.

The Original Writers

Meg Davis has taught a variety of students from the second grade level to adult learners. She worked in the Tempe Elementary School district since 1978. Mrs. Davis has written curriculum for the Comprehensive Regional Center for Minorities Summer Camp, Tempe Elementary School District, and the Desert Botanical Gardens. She has served as the President of the Arizona Science Teachers Associations.

Gina McCutcheon has taught seventh and eighth grade science students for six years. She has written curriculum for the Fort Zumwalt School District and the University of Missouri Atmospheric Science Department. She is presently working in the Tempe Elementary School district #3 as a Title VII science resource teacher which entails suggesting resources and assisting science teachers to help the meet the needs of their students. She received her Masterís degree in Secondary Science Education in 1994.

Kathleen Pelley has been teaching student from pre-school to adults since 1980. She has a Bachelor of Science and a Masterís degree in education. She holds Arizona Department of Education endorsements in bilingual education, as a reading specialist, and has supervisory certification. Ms. Pelley serves as the Science Specialist in Tempe Elementary District #3, helping to coordinate science and health curriculum, instruction and assessment.

Sherri Travisano has been a professional educator since 1989. During her years as a teacher she has taught students in grades kindergarten though fifth grade. She is currently working in the Tempe Elementary School District as a Chapter 1 Math Specialist whose primary focus is staff development and curriculum alignment. Mrs. Travisano has served on many district level committees including those related to math science, and technology. Mrs. Travisano completed her Masterís degree in 1994.

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