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These activities are meant to be supplemental to existing curriculum you may be using. They are interdisciplinary so that students may begin seeing connections as they are actively engaged in inquiry and decision making.

Activities in the primary grades are intended to raise students' awareness about energy sources, safety and conservation. Hands-on exploration and design are used throughout grade levels.

As we move into upper grade levels, students begin to explore issues in more depth and problems are more complex. Fourth grade activities include a school energy audit and developing an understanding of simple electricity concepts. Fifth grade activities explore historical perspectives, concepts about matter, and the periodic table. Activities in grade six focus on exploring multiple perspectives for decision making in energy use. Students will evaluate the quantity, quality, and future of renewable energy sources. Simulations and games are used to provide more authentic contexts for exploration and problem solving.

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Activities for Fourth Grade

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• ACTIVITY 1 - What’s on When?
• ACTIVITY 2 - Lights On!
• ACTIVITY 3 - School Lights
• ACTIVITY 4 - Watt’s What?
• ACTIVITY 5 - Which Bulb is Which?
• ACTIVITY 6 - Watt’s Up?
• ACTIVITY 7 - Hot Stuff
• ACTIVITY 8 - Electrical Safety Audit
• ACTIVITY 9 - Does That About Cover it?
• ACTIVITY 10 - Do Plants Make a Difference?
• ACTIVITY 11 - School Energy Audit
• ACTIVITY 12 - In Action! Saving Energy
• ACTIVITY 13 - Read Your Meter
• ACTIVITY 14 - The Big Drip
• ACTIVITY 15 - Make It Last
• ACTIVITY 16 - Give Me Some Static
• ACTIVITY 17 - To Light or Not to Light
• ACTIVITY 18 - Make Your Own Battery
• ACTIVITY 19 - Simple Circuit
• ACTIVITY 20 - Making a Flashlight

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